Can I bring my own cat?

No. Our cats have been carefully chosen to live harmoniously in the cafe together. They have been integrated with one another and we know they are all neutered, vaccinated and they are regularly treated for fleas and worms.

Where are the cats from?

We are involved with rescue centres (Cat Rescue and Welfare Trust, near York and Animal Care at Lancaster) and offer several of their cats a new home in the cafe. Our other cats have been re-homed in the cafe after they struggled to find homes elsewhere or were surrendered by their previous owners.

How much does it cost to enter the cafe?

It costs £7 per person for 1 hour in the cafe. This goes towards looking after the cats and keeping them safe and well. There is no obligation to buy food or drink once in the cafe (but we highly recommend our cakes made by White Cherry Bakery!)

Do I have to book?

It is highly recommended to book your slot. Payment will be taken securely on-line or over the phone when you book. On quieter days we will offer any spaces available on a first come-first served basis to walk-in customers.

Why aren't children under 10 years allowed in the cafe?

We understand this decision may disappoint some people, however we don’t feel that allowing very young children into the cafe is conducive to the welfare of our cats or to the calm, relaxing environment we hope to create for all our customers. Please understand and respect this policy, as no exceptions will be made.

Where do the cats sleep?

Wherever they like! The cafe is their home and they have access to it all (except the kitchen and the reception area). We have 24 hour CCTV coverage throughout the cafe and an intruder alarm for out of hours security. Late night and early morning checks are also done on the cats.

How do you make sure the cats are happy?

We have house rules that we kindly ask all customers to follow. Customer numbers are also restricted to make sure the cafe isn’t too crowded or overwhelming for the cats. The cats have a private room if they need any time-out or want to be away from the cafe floor. They are also closely monitored for any changes in their behaviour to make sure they are, and remain happy in the cafe environment.

Can I bring my own toys?

No. The cafe has been designed to offer all the stimulation the cats need and we have numerous toys you can play with with the cats while in the cafe.

Can I feed the cats?

No – please don’t bring your own food or drink in to the cafe or give the cats anything you are served. Milk can actually cause upset stomachs in cats and chocolate can be particularly harmful, even fatal to cats. Keep the cakes to yourself!

House Rules

  • Please don’t feed the cats or give them anything to drink
  • Please don’t pick up or move the cats
  • Please don’t chase or corner the cats
  • When taking photos, please ensure the flash is OFF
  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere in the cafe
  • Please don’t disturb the cats when they are sleeping, eating or grooming themselves


The café is spread across 2 floors (ground floor and 1st floor). The ground floor is fully accessible for those with limited mobility.

Please advise us in advance if you have any specific accessibility requirements so we can reserve a suitable table for you. You can email us on or phone us on 01904 626480.

Please be aware that due to the nature of our lovely Grade II listed building, our only toilet is on the 2nd floor (27 steps up). The closest disabled-access public toilets are on Silver Street, 250 metres away. Sorry but we do not have a lift.

There are several pay and display car parks nearby and we are just a 15 min walk away from the train station.