I am a big chap but love a cuddle and strokes. I came here with my friend Dobbie after our previous owner moved and couldn’t take us along. I like stretching out on my tummy!

I’m a handsome, moustachioed fella. When I’m not hanging out with my friend Sprout and the other cats, you’ll find me lounging in the hammocks you’ll see around the café – happy days!

I’m the oldest girl here at The Cat’s Whiskers and was looking for a new home after my previous owner became badly allergic to me. I’d also been over-grooming and my fur was very thin, but I’m feeling much better now and looking beautiful again! I’m very loving and love to play with feathers!

Birthday 8th August

I’m here with my brother Olaf. We’re both deaf boys but that doesn’t stop us having the best time, sometimes you just have to be a bit careful not to startle us if we don’t know you’re near us. I’ve also got heterochromia, which means I have different coloured eyes and is quite common in…

Birthday 8th August

I’m the super-mischievous brother of Snowy and I’m also deaf. I’m very energetic and love exploring the cafe – just try and stop me! Likes – Miaowing, loudly!

Birthday 25th June

I just love being around people and will compete with my brother Teddy for all your love, fuss and attention! Likes – climbing and rolling over!

Birthday 25th June

I’m a big, cuddly, handsome chap who came to the cafe with my brother Freddie, but can you tell us apart? Likes – scratching posts and sitting on knees!

Birthday 16th November

I came from an abusive background on the streets. Despite this, I’m the nicest boy – so gentle and loving. I can sometimes initially be a bit shy, but then I like to wrap my arms around your neck and just snuggle in.  Likes: cuddles Did you know? I’m FIV positive. There is no cure,…

Birthday 29th May

I was living rough on the streets of Bradford when I was found. Nowadays I’m desperate for attention and I love to throw myself to the ground in front of you and roll! I’m a gentle giant who’ll lick your nose and not want you to leave! Likes: cheek rubs, purring

Birthday 5th October

I was a feral kitten but lovely humans taught me how to love and now I can’t get enough of tummy rubs! I was one of a litter of 7 feral kittens when I was found but some kind humans showered me with love and patience. Now when I’m feeling happy and confident I’ll reward…

Birthday 1st September

I’m a happy, friendly little girl who loves a snuggle. I like to sit on your lap and play with my best friend Marley! Likes: playing with Marley

Birthday 10th January

I was adopted and now live in a new forever home! I was surrendered into rescue by my previous owner who moved away and was slightly allergic to me. Black cats sometimes get overlooked because some silly humans think we’re unlucky or not pretty enough, but I know I’m a beautiful girl and I’m sure…

Birthday 20th March

I was adopted and now live in a new forever home! I was also surrendered into rescue by my previous owner who had to move away at short notice. I’m the first lady of The Cat’s Whiskers Cafe and I love nothing more than jumping onto your knee for a cuddle! Likes: giving kisses